Discussion topic:
Evidence-informed decision-making in Real Settings: How to make sure politicians and decision-makers listen to the advice of immunization experts?


Siddhartha Sankar Datta, Regional Adviser on Vaccine-preventable Diseases and Immunization programme, WHO Regional Office for Europe
Kamel Senouci, ADVAC Director, University of Geneva

Presentations :

The example of the COVID immunization policy in France, Brigitte Autran, Chair of the French Surveillance and Response Advisory Committee (Comité de Veille et d’Anticipation des Risques Sanitaires, COVARS) (25 minutes)
The example of the COVID immunization policy in Finland, Hanna Nohynek, Chair WHO SAGE, Secretary of the Finnish NITAG and Department of Health Security in the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), Finland (25 minutes)

Panel discussion: (20 minutes)

Brigitte Autran
Hanna Nohynek

General discussion and questions with the audience (45 minutes)